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To: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Welwyn Hatfield: End Fly-Tipping

As we know many residents regularly litter pick within the community. Yet despite phone calls and emails sent to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council about the amount of rubbish in Hatfield We’ve still not seen any action from the council.
Rubbish everywhere. The Streets look shocking.

It’s time for action! Someone’s got to start tidying the streets and punish fly tippers. Looking at LGA data there were more than 3.000 fly tipping incidents reported across the Borough in 21/22.

We don’t want this for our Town!

We want Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council to Act and find a solution to tackle fly tipping!

Why is this important?

Please sign this petition. Fly-tipping poses a threat to Residents and wildlife, damages our environment, and spoils our enjoyment of our Town.

By Signing this petition you’ll be sending a message to Welwyn hatfield Borough council to force them to act and tackle Fly tipping in our Town.

Hatfield, UK

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