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To: Dubai Holding

Opening of the First Kundalini Yoga studio in Dubai, UAE

There is a significantly growing community of kundalini yoga practitioners in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, but there isn't a physical location dedicated to this type of yoga. Eka Mai is a place where individuals can gather to practice, participate in trainings, workshops, and seminars, and to build a strong, inspiring, and visible community together.

Why is this important?

This petition’s goal is to obtain the approval of Dubai Holding to open the first Kundalini Yoga Studio in Dubai «Eka Mai», within Port de La Mer DUBAI - by showing the power of our community.

“Eka Mai” is visioned by Kateryna Rusanova (Katia Milo) and Vasilii Susov (Teg Shiva) to serve as a building block for unification of existing, yet highly separated kundalini community in Middle East.

This project is committed to bringing the best world-class Masters of yoga, mantra chanting and breath work to allow anyone to uplift and access the new levels of self development. We serve the humanity through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and invite people from all over the world to be a part of it.

2A Street - Jumeirah 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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