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To: Ikram Khan - Chairperson ICCSC

ICCSC 2022 Shura Elections in December 2022

The elections for ICCSC Majlis e Shura was suppose to be held on November 19th (Third Sunday of November ) as per the Bylaws of ICCSC Article XIII Elections, Section 1.

It has been more than a week past and we do not have any update on the next electoral process. and it has been ILLEGALLY PUT ON HOLD by
1. The Vice President ICCSC
2. The Imam of ICCSC
3. The Secretary of ICCSC

All this is done to remain in power which may indicate some suspicious activities lead by these 3 followed by 8 other Shura members

They are ILLEGALLY trying to remove the current CHAIRPERSON and sending out false emails about the removal of the CHAIRPERSON

The current Shura services will cease on December 31, 2022 and there is no provision in the Bylaws of ICCSC to extend the Tenure of the Shura and it will be an illegal act if the current shura extends their serving period.

We, therefore, demand immediate action to conduct elections earliest in December for Shura positions of ICCSC

Why is this important?

The current Shura which was elected 2nd time in 2019 and before in 2016 has miserably failed to deliver on many grounds and the HEAD IMAM is causing a HUGE DIVIDE among the community . The current Shura failed in many grounds more prominently including
1. Maintainance of the existing facility, 2. Select a youth Director for our adult kids,
3. Community events to bring the community closer,
4. Rights of women to participate in Shura elections,
5. Immediate dismissal of HEAD IMAM
6. Removal of Vice President ICCSC
7. Removal of Secretary -ICCSC

Ensuring those people who have been part of the Shura for ICCSC for many years are removed and not allowed again after serving 2 consecutive terms in the Shura

1048 Gant Rd, Fort Mill, SC 29707, USA

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