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To: State of California

CA: Allow custom wrapped license plates

License plates wrapped in Vinyl film & reflective material to color change the appearance from standard white license plates to a old school classic look such as black & yellow , Blue & yellow , Yellow & black , Golden state style & the most newer version license plate in the colors black & white which looks very similar to the California digital license plate .

The custom wrapped license plates are very visible during day & night due to reflective lettering to provide what it's used for & not being wrapped to hide it or for it not be read when trying to identify the vehicle.

Even though some of these plate wraps have a original look motorist have still gotten warnings for violation codes 4464 & 5201 cvc witch stand for the license plates not being visible witch is what those codes mean when they are still perfectly visible day & night but the real reason of the warning is for them not being state issued witch is completely different.

Why is this important?

California motorist love it & New services have always came around & managed to go legal.

I have seen this idea grow so much through out the whole United States seeing it being done not just in California

Benefit of this service is that the color conversion is done in minutes do to no paint or chemicals being used , zero drying time & the fact that they are the same plates u already have on your vehicle & not necessarily in need to order new ones & wait months to recieve.

Consumers are willing to pay the annual fee after getting custom wrapped license plates.

I am a Vinyl wrap shop owner that has provided this service & would love to see everyone getting this done out on the road under legal & not under a vehicle modification violation.

We are here to support custom wrapped license plates & add it to one of the state of California's license plate services.



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