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To: The Edinburgh Interfaith Association


We call on the UK and Scottish Governments and the City of Edinburgh Council to immediately act decisively and with urgency to support the most vulnerable in our communities against the effects of the cost of living crisis. We believe that all life is sacred and that every human being should have the right to food, clothing and a safe place to live. These values are shared by all our various faith traditions.

As faith and belief representatives of our diverse communities we too have a role to play and much to learn. Already faith communities are doing so much, from providing a warm meal and places for people to stay warm to providing support in many other ways. However, we know that this is simply not enough and we look to our local and national leaders to provide the legislative leadership that is so urgently needed and will gladly offer our support to any and all willing partners to help mitigate or avert this serious crisis.

Why is this important?

As members of Edinburgh’s faith communities we are deeply concerned about the ‘Cost of Living Crisis.’ Thousands of households are in serious financial difficulty caused by spiralling food and energy costs. Many are facing a choice between eating, or heating their homes. Others are falling behind on rent and mortgage payments, with some facing eviction and homelessness. It goes without saying that such anxieties negatively impact people’s mental and physical health.

Currently society, both locally and globally, has become grossly unbalanced with the majority of wealth in the hands of one percent of the population. This is as unjust as it is unsustainable. It is also unjust that food banks and warm banks are becoming normalised. In accord with the sentiments of Scotland’s national bard Robert Burns, we believe that “We should measure our society on how we treat our fellow human beings.” Therefore we call upon our local and national leaders to act now and restore the balance by passing radical legislation and implementing the laws needed to protect the most vulnerable in our society. That way lies a future economy that is intelligent, sustainable and equitable to all.



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