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To: UniverCity Staff

Abandon UniverCity Covid Restrictions

We, the inhabitants of the UniverCity Student Dorm who signed this petition, ask for the current Covid restrictions regarding the maximum number of people and obligated ventilation in the common areas to come to an end as soon as possible.

The current rules are based only on government recommendations, and not requirements. The current rules are not in line with any officially obliged restrictions, other than those made up and enforced by the UniverCity staff.

The rules that are currently enforced, are from our point of view not respecting our rights as adult individuals. We are capable of making our own educated decisions, and we demand that the current enforced rules come to an end and that voluntary recommendations, in line with official guidelines, are introduced instead.

Why is this important?

As there are no official covid restrictions, and only recommendations, the current rules are both suppressing and inferring with our private lives. Therefore, we ask for the rules to be abolished as soon as possible.

Follow this URL for the official Covid Guidelines in South Tyrol (German / Italian):

Official Covid Statistics for South Tyrol (German / Italian):

Viale Druso Drususallee, 299b, 39100 Bozen, Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol, Italy

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