• Eersterust: No More Power Cuts!
    Our community is being deprived guaranteed access to crucial basic needs. This needs to end. Many people earn a living by working from home, which requires electricity and water supply. Please sign this petition, and share it with everyone you know -- to demand from the authorities that the problem is fixed immediately, and our human right to electricity and water is respected. Our voice becomes stronger with every signature!
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    Created by Kenneth Petersen
  • To have the Seatack Recreation Center enlarged
    With the Seatack Recreation Center the enlargement, we will have the benefits that the other recreation center have.
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    Created by Sylvaia Owems
  • South Korea: stop funding Australia’s dirtiest gas project
    The South Korean government is the world’s third-largest public financier of oil and gas, playing a key role in expanding the global supply of fossil fuels amid the climate crisis. And right now, two government-owned banks (K-SURE and KEXIM) are planning to give $660 million to a major gas project in Australia. This is on top of the $196 million they have already provided. The Barossa gas project is expected to be Australia’s dirtiest gas project if it goes through. For every ton of gas produced, it will emit 1.5 tons of CO2. Each year, the project will release 13.5 million tons of CO2 – equivalent to what 7 million cars spew each year. The gas pipeline could also destroy the habitats of dozens of threatened species including whales, dugongs and turtles. Hence, the project is facing a lot of local opposition and resulting in victories. In 2022, Tiwi Traditional Owners won a major lawsuit against the project for the lack of proper Indigenous consultation and successfully got the project’s drilling permit revoked. This is adding further delay to the project, incurring financial losses for the fossil fuel companies. Are Koreans saying anything about it? Yes! Today, more than 600 people have formally requested an investigation into the banks' financing decision. Why? Because this is a risky project - environmentally, legally, financially - that will likely pour millions of dollars’ worth of taxes down the drain, despite civil society organizations' continued warning. Not only that, the banks did not seriously consider the project's disregard for Indigenous rights, despite this concern being raised over and over - even internally. Can we stop the money pipeline? Definitely! If we can push Korea, one of the world’s largest fossil fuel financiers to stop funding Barossa, it will drive up the project risk and dry up investments. Let’s tell the Korean government that it is time to clean up its act. People don’t want more fossil fuels and the project does not have the permission of the Traditional Owners. #StopBarossaGas
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    Created by Stop Barossa Gas
  • Justice pour snatch
    Bonjour , Nous créons cette pétition afin que justice soit faite , en effet le chien de ma sœur a été tué d’une balle dans la tête et il est mort sur le coup. Il explique son geste en disant qu’il en avait marre de voir des chiens vers chez lui alors que ma sœur été en vacances depuis seulement 2 mois sur un terrain voisin et il n’y avait jamais eu de problèmes, il a dit ne pas vouloir le tuer mais a mal visé, que le chien n’a pas été agressif il été soit disant chez lui alors que le chien est mort sur le coup devant chez ma sœur qui été retourner chez elle à 50 m récupérer ça veste … une avocate nous dit qu’il n’y aura pas de procès car le chien été chez lui ( c’est faux ) et qu’il avait mal visé … nous aimerions pouvoir rendre juste à snatch , le chien de ma sœur et que ma sœur puisse aussi faire son deuil de ce chien qui pour elle représenter tout … s’il vous plaît , faites que l’on puisse avoir un procès équitable afin que la justice puisse être rendu
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    Created by Julie Dherbilly
  • Suomen liikkuva passilaite vierailulle Atlantaan
    Atlantan seudulla on suuri suomalaisyhteisö ja joudumme matkustamaan todella pitkän matkan lähimpään Suomen suurlähetystöön ja aina yöpymään paikkakunnilla. Lähin liikkuva passilaite on myös yhtä kaukana. Matkoihin menee 2 vrk ja yöpyminen hotellissa maksaa. Lisäksi aikoja Washingtonin tai New Yorkin suurlähetystöön on rajoitetusti. Suomessa vieraillessa ei passin hakeminen myöskään aina onnistu, kun kotiosoite on USAssa. Haluamme pitää Suomen passimme ajantasalla, mutta sen pitää olla helpompaa.
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    Created by Jaana Kimari
  • Power outage in Elwak, Petition against KPLC
    Having a stable power is our right and not a privilege. We can't live with constant power outages. We are starting this petition to get over 2k people to sign and share the result with the headquarters and human right for action. Please sign and share as much as possible. After getting the target number we will request KPLC to add Elwak to its national grid to which, if they refuse we shall peacefully do away with KPLC and invite other electricity companies, the past and present leaders are and have never tried to bring a solution thus its high time we as clients to take the matter into our hands and do something.
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    Created by Kullow Ibrahim
  • Cyprus: Allow the neutering of stray cats
    Thousands of stray cats are born and die on the streets of Cypriot towns and villages. Sign the petition, and share it with everyone you know to demand from the Cypriot Government to allow overseas vets to come and help neuter these poor animals, and end this torture.
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    Created by Nicol Kastori
  • La Megestion des sujets Chinois en RDC; Cas de MMT Kolwezi
    pour le bien-être de la population congolaise et du peuple congolais que notre cher Président Felix Antoinne TSHISEKEDI TSHILIMBO aime tant
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    Created by Munoko Marques
  • Install Traffic Calming on Van Vaden Road
    The increased traffic volume caused by new infrastructure and the diverted traffic from Hendrick Potgieter into Van Dalen Road, has made it unsafe for motorist and pedestrians. It is impossible to enter the intersection safely from our complexes;cars, trucks come speeding up and down. This will result in accidents, injuries and possibly death. We plead with the city of johannesburg to assist the residents of Van Dalen Road and the community at large. We don't have the luxury to wait for Eight months or more for the bridge to be completed while our lives are at serious risk.
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    Created by Lucia Zondo
  • Make Valley Blvd Safer
    My father was killed by a driver who was going over 50 speed limit. My dad was 81 who had a gruesome death. The car dragged him and one of his legs was cut off. He left behind his devastated family. He didn't deserve to die this way. No one does. We miss him so much and nothing is going to bring him back to us. I want to avoid more deaths, no family should lose their loved ones this way.
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    Created by Marjorie Arana
  • Save the 52 bus service
    Families use this bus to get kids to and from school as well as going to and from work older people and disabled people use it daily to attend local clubs and appointments and get there shopping this would be a huge loss for Barrhead
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    Created by Donna Taylor
  • Bill and Co have to go
    The ownership of our club has been the biggest problem. They have little or no clue how to run a business. Over five hundred million spent poorly. They decided to build a stadium when the squad of players aren't good enough. We are in real risk of being relegated and we need change.
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    Created by Blue Steel