• Stop the Home Office abandoning unaccompanied children in hotels
    Hundreds of children have gone missing from hotels being overseen by the Home Office. Vulnerable young people put at risk of trafficking and exploitation through a “rogue system”. We first blew the whistle on this appalling practice in 2021 when it first transpired that children were being placed in hotels illegally, and that in doing so, children separated were being put at risk, with hundreds going missing. Sadly, it is not new, and indeed is a continuation of a prior policy using private contractors. Operating outside of the law, the Home Office has, in effect, set up a “rogue system” putting young people who have arrived from overseas at increased risk of exploitation and trafficking.
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    Created by Daniel Sohege
  • Keep The Keauhou Stadium 7 Regal movie Theater in Kailua Kona, HI
    I am writing this to share my story in hopes to save this location. I have been going to this theater for some time now and Not only is it closer to me but, every time I go I am greeted with such Aloha Spirit from the managers & the employees, It feels like family. Everyone is so nice, they go out of their way to make everyone feel Safe & welcomed. I truly have been impacted by the people who work there. Everyone who works here, works so hard, They are always willing to go that extra mile to make you feel like family here at this Theater. Also, not to mention they have way more snacks/ food/ & drink options than the Makalapua location does, not to mention how super clean they are as well! You can go to any other movie theater and I promise you that You won't feel that Warm welcome as we all do when we go here. A building does not make you a family, but a bond does. I know that I am not the only person who lives here who feels the same way. If you have been blessed by the staff there & would like to try and save this location, please spread the word & sign the petition. Mahalo nui loa!
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    Created by Nova Christie
  • Open an exit route to Emirates road for Nshama-Town Square residents; Dubai
    The residents are facing a huge traffic during peak hours, at the one and only roundabout heading towards E611, D54 and E311. Ps: A one route is being used by all Town square, Mira, Mira Oasis and soon Cherrywoods residents. Extensive industrial HGv traffic is caused by the entire Mai Dubai bottled water fleet, using the same road on a daily basis, making traffic in this area unbearable.
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    Created by Emna N
  • To appoint Mr January as principal in orchards Primary school
    This is very important because we want the interest and the future of our children to be protected.with Mr January our children will be in safe hands
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    Created by Joy Ani
  • Petition to Officially Name "Parker Field"
    I believe it's important to share the history of the field and the softball league here in Mitchell. Much like Terry Cole field, a simple sign stating "Parker Field" will help keep Ted & Gail's legacies alive. We'll all be able to tell our kids that this wonderful sport and so many of our own childhood memories were because these two VOLUNTEERED their time, energy, and love to the youth of Mitchell. It all began because he wanted his daughter to have a place to play. It continued because he wanted everyones daughters to have a place too.
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    Created by Ashleigh Mesarosh
  • Liverpool: Save these trees
    Once this space is gone and built on, it is lost to this and future generations. Therefore, those who have signed below oppose this proposal, and urge the Council to reconsider the approval of this development and the wanton destruction of these trees by Step Places.
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    Created by Donna Winrow
  • Perth & Kinross: Save our Lollipop Man
    "That road with huge trucks dropping off stock to pub in the morning would be so dangerous if Gary wasn't there. " "When I drive round that corner in the morning, I rely on that guy to be there. It such a very tight and blind corner, right next to the school. You could not pick a more dangerous place for kids to cross without a lolipop man."
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    Created by Donna Sharp
  • Petition to fix HPCSA services
    Health care workers of South Africa deserve better.
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    Created by salome froneman
  • We want a Carousel in Munn Park
    Sign and share the petition to ask for a beautiful carousel to be installed in Munn Parkl! Lakeland, Florida was incorporated on January 1, 1885. The town was founded by Abraham Munn, who purchased 80 acres of land in what is now downtown Lakeland in 1882 and platted the land for the town in 1884. Munn Park was established in 1884 as a town square in Lakeland's first subdivision, the original Munn's Subdivision. Later the entire block was dedicated by Abraham Munn as a "Public Square" in perpetuity, to forever remain in public ownership. Many things have changed over the years but if you add giant chess sets, bocce, pod swings, cornhole and etc. it becomes a fair, not a "Public Square" as Munn intended. We ask the following question - How about a Carousel at Munn Park? https://lakelandgazette.info/news/2023/01/12/how-about-a-carousel-at-munn-park/ Here some of the responses: Yaritza Toledo-torres says: I think it’s perfect. And dreamy. Lakeland is progressive and growing but there’s still a small town charm to it that should be preserved. This would be a beautiful addition to the down town area. Brenda W. says: A carousel is my favorite idea for Munn Park that I have heard to date. It maintains the charm of downtown without marring it with more modern design. I am a Lakeland native and have been disappointed in the development styles that have been approved by the city for downtown in the last few years. A carousel would be an improvement. Doris Schofield says: That would be such a wonderful idea The Lakeland Gazette posted the question on Facebook. Here are some of the responses: Mike Hamic I LOVE the idea, ticket sales would pay to maintain it, children and adults alike would use it. Fun. Jennifer Nguyen Yes please ! Helen Lorenz Brown Much better idea than the ridicules play ground thing. This shows respect for the city and the park, instead of degrading it. The one in San Diego California was fantastic. Nurs Joy Great idea. Thelma E. Sherling I totally agree!!! There are dozens and dozens of older beautiful carousels on the market today and you replace three of the animals and put two swans and an alligator on it to make Lakeland own special carousel.
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    Created by Robert Anderson
  • Kia: Allow Aussie drivers to turn OFF speed limiting
    When you spend a fair bit of money on a new car, you expect it to provide some peace of mind and ease of use. Not a hidden feature which isn't disclosed when purchasing or test-driving the vehicle.
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    Created by Jamie Hayman
  • Save our Syosset Braves team/mascot name that honors Native Americans.
    While we understand that there are certainly derogatory, racist names that should be changed, the Syosset Braves mascot name is neither derogatory, nor racist. We fully support the respectful use of Native American cultural iconography and wish to continue to honor the Native American history that our hometown area was part of long before European settlers arrived on Long Island and the New York region.
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    Created by Dr. Ross A. Levy-Tovar
  • Youth, skills development centre in schoongezicht, Emalahleni
    This will improve our way of living, skill development and youth empowerment. It will also give our kids a opportunity to learn new skills. Better youth better community more skilled people to do the job
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    Created by Zuenda Francis