• We need to #FreePatrickMoore Be part of justice!!
    Patrick moore is a family man from limerick, Ireland. He was found in possession of cannabis plants and shavings for oil production. Totaling €63,200 ( Garda prices ) . Now he has people he has helped and they've come forward to testify to how Patrick changed their life by giving the oil for free. This man is a medicine man and the last place he should be is in jail, that's right " JAIL " They gave him 5 years for helping people. He only had to do it as our government has the toughest medicinal cannabis programme in the world. We need to #FreePatrickMoore and that journey starts here!!!
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  • Delhi Uni: Postpone 1st year's exam
    •Huge injustice is happening to freshers of DU in name of FYUP. In comparison to earlier time students have to study three more papers but the semester has shrunk to the period of three months than earlier six months. • Syllabus has not completed for most of the subjects, teachers for many subjects were appointed very late and for many subjects in many colleges teachers have still not been appointed. • In such circumstances DU came up with new Internal Assessment Scheme just before three weeks of exams which has further confused students.
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    Created by Hitesh Kumar
  • A52 Crossing Installation for Kirk Langley
    The parish of Kirk Langley is growing, and as we welcome new residents to the village, we are increasing the number of pedestrians who walk daily to access local amenities including the local primary school and the sports pavilion. There is huge concern that without action being taken, there will be a fatality in the village as people take their life in their hands trying to cross the A52 from/to the Flagshaw Way estate. Part of the design statement for the new estate included provision for a safe and secure crossing point and this has now been removed after failing to be considered by the planning authority, despite being a recommendation from the Highways Authority who stated: "Within 6 months of first occupation of the dwellings, the subject of the application, the applicant shall provide facilities for pedestrians to cross the A52 Ashbourne Road in accordance with a scheme first submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority”. Unfortunately, this part of the formal statutory response of the Highway Authority was not included or discussed in the officer planning committee report and was therefore not included as a condition of the grant of planning permission. The Parish Council has asked for action on this matter and have so far received a negative response from Derbyshire County Council Highways. We now need your help, and the voice of the residents, to encourage Derbyshire County Council to revisit their decision and recognise the significant safety concerns for residents crossing this road.
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  • Allow owning chickens in Crown Point, In.
    The CDC, USDA, and the NIH have all released reports of growing concerns for global food insecurity due to the impact of climate change. The CDC reports that nutritional value of food is projected to decline due to soil nitrogen levels being suboptimal. Farmers are expected to use more herbicides and pesticides due to increased growth of pests and weeds. As a result, farmers, farmworkers, and consumers will be increasingly exposed to these substances and their residues, which can be toxic. These impacts of climate change on the nutritional value of food exist within a larger context. The CDC recommends adaptation activities to reduce health related impacts of the anticipated food security challenges. Changing the way we go about agricultural practices, food distribution systems, and consumer food choices, also play key roles in solving the global crisis. The USDA also reports that climate change is very likely to affect global, regional, and local food security by disrupting food availability, decreasing access to food, and making utilization more difficult. As part of a highly integrated global food system, consumers and producers in the United States are likely to be affected by these changes. Adaptation across the food system has great potential to manage climate-change effects on food security, and the complexity of the food system offers multiple potential points of intervention for decision makers at every level, from households to nations and international governance structures. The right to have backyard chickens/chicken coops is part and parcel of Crown Point citizens’ right to self sustaining and environmentally sound living practices. Creating a new ordinance that allows residents of Crown Point to own egg laying chickens and coops, is an easy solution to a global concern. Chickens provide a chemical free and organic food supply with high nutrient and protein value to my children at very little cost and work. It is the citizens right to self-determination to procure a secure source of healthy and nutritious food. Chickens are a necessary element to environmentally friendly, self-sustaining gardening practices that promote healthy food security. Food security is a fundamental human right, that is paramount to the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Crown Point.
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  • Say No! To Lakestone Estates Bayview Idaho traffic dumping on our narrow county streets
    Say No! Stop 26 houses' cars & trucks from exiting the proposed Lakestone new subdivision through our Bayview neighborhood. They would reach Highway 54 through our narrow quiet streets & coming out approx 150 ' from boat launch waters edge exit, at boat launch intersection. Ridiculous! This intersection has parked boat trailers, swimmers, kids, dogs, canoes, Lake House Restaurant traffic, float house guests, fishing derby guests, pedestrians, golf carts and 25,000 visitors all on our launch area and water front. Do we want 50 more cars tearing through our 4x 5 grid side streets? Say No! 
 "Say no" to Lakes Highway Districts crazy uninformed idea. Say no, to development current plan! The entrance & exit of new development can enter off Perimeter( as planned) approx across for the Post Office and exit on Perimeter as well! ( not planned ) We don't want to destroy our safe, quiet streets & lifestyles to accommodate any additional neighborhood traffic. It won't be the same safe, quiet, golf cart neighborhood. Say no! To any additional traffic dumping through our current lake side housing subdivision. Keep the traffic on Perimeter & Highway 54, these arterials are appropriate places designed  for through traffic. Suzette McGoldrick Homeowner in Bayview
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  • Save the South Pointe Park Drum Circle
    This a peaceful, safe, inclusive and uplifting weekly event that serves as a means for many of our residents and their families to come together. For months this event has flourished with zero incident. All instruments played are acoustic and the gatherings are typically over by 9 pm- well in advance of any code violation.
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  • Rendez-nous notre terrain
    La Socca est une compétition de football sur synthétique. Notre pays possède deux divisons officielles et donne la possibilité unique pour des joueurs amateurs de représenter notre pays lors de divers coupe du monde et compétitions européennes. Après plusieurs recherches de site, l'AMB s'est installée à Fosses-la-Ville, en partenariat avec l'UR Namur, bénéficiaire du terrain et y était bien ancrée, en constante progression avant ce cruel coup du sort scellant nos grilles d'accès au terrain.
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    I am a father of a 11 years old and a 7 years old. My eldest son is part of a football club in Mid Sussex. The youngest could not find room in any football team, nor could in any basketball team as he would have liked to. There is an increasing demand for sport activities in the area and in particular for children. In particular football, rugby, cycling, netball and basketball show incrasing number of participants. However, there are not enough indoor or outdoor sport facilities to meet the demand for all these activities, the whole year around. All sports activities improve individuals mental and physical health. In many cases sports represent a significative career path for younger generations along with being an opportunity to promote positive social interaction among peers.
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  • Better Safeguarding for Cavendish Primary School
    in the last 10 months i have had to take my son to a&e to have his head glued up and his finger reattached. His head was a success but his finger ? not quite so. He is traumatised from this and keeps stating with up most certainty that he is not going back to this school, this is something i am not willing to argue against as i feel as tho my son is not safe whilst under Cavendish Primary Schools supervision. Although i will commend the Nursery Section for being Outstanding in every way. As its an emotional subject id rather not put it all on paper but please feel free to ask any questions.
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  • Ohio: Vote for National Arab American Heritage Month
    6% of Ohio population identify themselves as "Arab Americans". During the month of April, the Arab America Foundation formally recognizes the achievements of Arab Americans through the celebration of National Arab American Heritage Month. Across the country, cultural institutions, school districts, municipalities, state legislatures, public servants, and non-profit organizations issue proclamations and engage in special events that celebrate our community’s rich heritage and numerous contributions to society. It's time to make it PERMANENT.
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  • Support Revd. Dr. Stephen Sizer's against his unjust victimisation
    The Church of England has subjected Revd. Dr. Stephen Sizer, Chair of the Convivencia Alliance to years of unjust tribunal hearings due to scurrilous accusations of antisemitism by the Board of Jewish Deputies. While no evidence was found to support the accusations, the tribunal used the unfair and misleading IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism to find him guilty of offending some Jews by criticizing Israel. This finding is itself offensive. The CofE then punished him by forbidding him to officiate for twelve years. This is unjust, unreasonable, and shameful.
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  • Rescind the supreme court verdict
    The very identity of SIKKIMESE has been struck down by this verdict. Calling Sikkimese as foreigners is not the main issue. The issue is us original Sikkimese are losing our rights in favour of people who are just residents and not citizens of Sikkim. Today they have gained exemption, tomorrow they'll ask for jobs, licenses, lands. Are we going to allow that? We merged with India because they assured us our rights will be protected. This verdict has failed the guarantee that the Constitution had provided us. We will fight until the wrongs are corrected.
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