• Make American Sunrise a 3-hour Program
    Due to the number of recurring, mind-numbing tragic news stories coming out on a daily basis, American Sunrise needs to be a 3-hour program instead of two. Ed Henry, Karyn Turk and Terrence Bates do a great job keeping us informed of the (mostly bad) news, but just as importantly, they bring some levity into the show. Such a refreshing break from the otherwise Doom and Gloom morning shows, as well as bringing us some spirituality! Please sign this petition to make American Sunrise a 3-hour program instead of a two-hour program. Thank you and God bless.
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    Created by Michael Minton
  • Improve Aftercare Program at St. Gregory
    Working parents need for extracurricular activities in school.
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    Created by Monica Bello
    The decision by the University does not only affect students financially but is also a prospective cause for humiliation at the various high schools that students are currently doing their TPs at. The said decision also disregards student's futures and was taken without considering all possible implications.
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    Created by Chris Bavukile Fakudze
  • Fixing and reconstruction of potholes in DE Villiers street CE3 Vanderbjlpark
    Infrastructure and tire surface is badly damaged and residential area is not presentable and neat. Car tires and suspension get damaged in the process.
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    Created by Tebello Tlali
  • Bring music back
    For years we have had live music in Campoverde, suddenly that has all been stopped
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    Created by Julie Underwood
  • Reopen pick n pay boston online deliveries
    It's important to us because will be getting orders quicker and it adds money in pick n pay sells
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    Created by Broscus Mpondawaya
  • To help our community by keeping the kids off the streets
    I care for our kids future someone has to try and help our kids
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    Created by Jonathan Naidu
  • Tar road to Tesselaarsdal
    Dusty and full of potholes. Wet and slippery when it rains. Windscreens get damaged, expensive car repairs. No medical emergency centre, no police stations and no shops. No work opportunities. We need to travel to Caledon for our basic needs
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    Created by C Avontuur
  • Save canvey fishing lake
    Well started fishing the lake the last few year it's a very nice place to visit but every year we are seeing losses on wildlife and most importantly seeing fish stock dieing when this can be prevented with a little bit of help from local council and resident's to get involved
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    Created by Arthur Cox
  • Hybrid work policy
    With the increased cost of living caused by fuel hikes, inflation, cost of lending etc we have found that working from home saved us from some of these costs by: *Decreased travel costs *Home expenses that can be offset against taxes *Decreased car insurance premiums due to lower risks etc Some other benefits include: *Safety from road accidents *More time to spend with family, due to less or no time spend in traffic *More time to spend with studies for CTA, ITC, APC, due to less or no time spend in traffic etc
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    Created by Percy Lepota
  • parks Victoria to allow Victory Square MTB jumps
    Many rate payers and I care greatly about this issue as the council are destroying a play area for young kids.
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    Created by Will Castine
  • Telling a good story about Marikana
    As a community member who lives in Marikana we can't afford to continue losing innocent lives, we want hamony, peace and stability in our community.
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    Created by Lucky John Moeti