• Allow phones to be used at the Magna Carta school (Staines)
    Because the students should be allowed to go on there phones to check in at home to let there perents know how there days going or if there’s something wrong
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    Created by Paddy O’Dhordy
  • Ream: Ban monthly salary
    Fortnite salaries will give workers motivation.
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    Created by Alec Jones
  • Provimet e matures
    Provimet e matures jane hapat e para te te ardhmes sone . Gjithashtu ato luajne nje rol te rendesishem .ky peticion do jet ura lidhese mes maturanteve dhe ministres se arsimit per ti shprehur ankesat tona kundrejt vendimeve te marra ditet e fundit. Nga keto provime varet e ardhmja jon dhe keto vendime qe jan mar smund te realizohen te gjitha brenda nje viti .
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    Created by Matura Shteterore
  • Not happy with site fees Burnham-On-Sea
    We love the site, the staff are great but the site fees are driving so many away and forcing people to sell.
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    Created by Richard Sutherland
    The reasons to refuse the RIDBC Planning Proposal for Land includes but not limited to the followings: 1) adverse impact to traffic conditions on North Rocks Road and Barclay Road which already suffer from heavy traffic 2) being inconsistent with the local context and strategic intent of the suburb which is to maintain and promote low to medium density housing 3) over population will result in adverse impact to amenities (eg. North Rock Shopping Centre will not be able to accommodate another 1000 households, North Rocks Public School is already at full capacity etc.) 4) raise privacy concerns for all properties surrounding the site
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    Created by Albert Lau
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    Created by Alessandro Grioli
    It is important for the continued facilitation and sustenance of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities within the transport Sector. Crime is already at its all- time high in Jamaica and revoking PPV Operators Drivers License would mean loss of income and possibly sending them towards contributing to escalation in crime.
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    Created by Dahlia Anglin
  • We need more courts!
    Pickleball has so many benefits: health, social, mental, the list goes on. It is not just a sport, but a way of life. The city will also benefit from additional courts so we can draw more players in. People will drive the distance to play at our courts and support our local restaurants, gas stations, stores, etc.
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    Created by Julie Wigger
  • Remove crashed cars from Coolstore Road
    To allow all the other business in the road to operate safely and affectively. There's already an issue with parking along Coolstore road, which has since escalated in the past 5 weeks with Sheen parking their smashed up cars along the road. It's causing our members to have to park up the street, in other businesses car parks (which they don't like) a lot of our female members don't feel safe walking in the dark at 4:45am in the morning when they are forced to park far away. We just want our members to feel safe. If the cars are removed it will it will free up 3 spaces right out the front of our studio and a few others along the road in which our members can park and feel safe. The surrounding businesses would also benefit from our members not being forced to use their vacant parking.
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    Created by F45 Training Croydon VIC
  • CIIS: Post All Class Info Before Registration
    Right now, there are several courses that will not have a decided date, time or professor assigned before registration opens. This means students are making vitally important decisions, blind.
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    Created by Asja Sever
  • We need another hospital in far Rockaway
    Health is Important in the community that should have been a priority more than housing I'm not saying housing is not important but priorities are not in order out of all these buildings and more people moving in the community health care is very important all that money they got not one thought of anther hospital
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    Created by Cynthia Bakare
    Several thousands of people are facing a water shortage due to the drought, but thank God we have a fresh water spring at marere that has been faithful in serving kwale county and neighboring counties. Our lives are in danger if the water shall be released continuously to Mombasa county and rationed twice a week to kinango kinango. Kinango sub county no longer has 10 people only!
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    Created by FESTUS THUMBI