• Bederum/stillerum på DTU Ballerup Campus
    Som studerende på DTU har vi ofte behov for at trække mig tilbage i et roligt og afskærmet rum, hvor vi kan få lidt ro og fred samt bede eller have en stille stund for os selv.
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    Created by M E
  • Pour une candidature de l'AFP en 2024
    Il est important de se prononcer aujourd'hui pour le respect des combats que nous s avions mené et les engagements pris auprès du peuple Senegalais
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    Created by Cheikh Ndiaye
  • Calvary Cemetery Rules Changed
    I have had family buried their my entire life. On memorial day we always make sure to do the flower beds up nice and make sure flowers are maintained! Some families only have decorations for a tombstone. These burial plots shouldn't be disturbed but honored and glorified with their beauty and looks! Families will help maintain the grounds and keep trash and waste picked up in order to be able to have their decorations left alone! No grave should be dug into after it has been buried for year's! We are talking about flowers and mulch beds around loved ones! Anything planted on the plot is considered part of the burial site. So to change this after many of year's makes no sense when people have never been told not to plant anything on the grave! These burial sites are families only remembrance of their dead loved ones, of course people will help to keep these sites left alone and not disturbed!
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    Created by James Jones Jr
  • Support the inhabitants who find themselves in a blockade.
    It is important for stopping humanitarian catastrophic in our homeland.
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    Created by Saro62 Saryan
  • Rétablir madame Makoffi Picasso dans ses droits
    Parce que le contraire serait une violation criante des droits de la femme et de la jeunesse faisant un état d'un abus de pouvoir. Une mauvaise jurisprudence qui consacre la desacralisation de la fonction du Président de la République et ouvre la voie à des pratiques liberticides.
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    Created by zamuda mukanda
  • Stop the unsocial behaviour, gang activity, dealing in illegal substances.
    It's important to support this petition and stop this grouping as this behaviour is gangsters in the making.
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    Created by Westgate Neighbourhood Watch
  • Justice 4️⃣Niz'jahlik Dublin
    My son was killed. Please sign and share my plea for answers and closure and the truth.
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    Created by tonya neal
  • Namma MMC
    Please sign the petition if u want the history of the Dental Wing MMC to be remembered f
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    Created by Kalaimani Subramanian
  • Proposed closing of the Kwinana off road area
    It help keep kids off the roads and out off harms way. It’s also a great safe place for families to go and teach their young children somewhere to ride. Instead of sitting in front of the television.
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    Created by Natasha Hammond
  • Fontys must extend the contract from Rob de Jong
    Just a few examples: He taught the IB2E/F class completely on his own as his colleague was sick for the whole semester. He accompanies the journey at Fontys from so many students and always has an open ear for everybody. His motivation to develop himself and learn more to support students in the projects, has set him apart from other teachers. So please, lets help Fontys to not do this mistake!
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    Created by Students AtFontys
  • Continue on line lessons
    Is important as it would impact the life of most students.
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    Created by Silvia Falciti
  • Say No to Construction in Ward 28
    We the Patriotic Alliance care about the Residents in Ward 28. Residents have a voice and it needs to be heard.
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    Created by Joelene Pillay