• International Health Care Professionals should treated as an asset for Canada Health System
    Pharmacists, physicians, nurses, Lab technicians, dentists that are internationally trained have the sufficient skills, competencies, experiences and knowledge to deal with different health issues in an efficient way. We aim to help Canadians to access to the right service in the right time frame with the right excellence that they deserve. Give us a chance to serve our new communities by facilitating our access to health care positions we previously practiced with a supervision or as internship probation time. You will be amazed of what we can offer and how fast we integrate in the system. Give us a hope by facilitating our professional integration in the Canadian system. You will not regret and you will enjoy the added value impacted by this simple change on improving health services.
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  • Côté d'Ivoire: Augmentation des congés de maternité de 3 mois à 6 mois
    Parlant de moi, je suis tomber enceinte en 2021, j'ai accouché d'une fille en octobre 2021. C'était assez difficile car j'habite Bonoua a 2 h d'abidjan et je travaille à Abidjan. Et lorsque j'ai accouché ma mère sur qui je comptais pour s'occuper de bb avait déménagée de Bonoua 3 mois avant donc imaginez. Quand je devais reprendre le travail mon bb avait 2 mois ,j'ai du combiné avec mes congés annuels pour qu'elle ait 3 mois.mais j'ai du arrêter le travail 1 mois après la reprise pour m'occuper de mon bb et l'idée de laisser mon enfant a la crèche me fendait le coeur. J'ai même faiili démissionner mais ma DRH m'a fait comprendre que je pouvais faire une mise en disponibilité. Et je l'ai fait pour 6 mois, je suis donc restée sans salaire. On a dû vivre avec les revenus de mon époux et quelque petites économies, ce n'était pas facile avec les charges du bb
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  • Preventative Care for Breast Cancer Survivors who had Mastectomies
    Let me introduce myself. My name is Elissa Brown and I am a 52 year old breast cancer survivor single mother of two disabled children. When I was in my teenage years I had already made one of the biggest life saving decisions of my life. I had made the decision that when I am diagnosed with breast cancer, I was going to have a bilateral mastectomy. Until then I was going to be very diligent on my preventative care to find the cancer early. It was just going to be a matter of time for this to happen. My two paternal aunts passed away from breast cancer (1 misdiagnosed for not having it). My mother and her sister had breast cancer as well however, both survivors. We all had the genetic testing, but none of us carry the gene, yet all were diagnosed . So at the age of 46 I was diagnosed and had my bilateral mastectomy, expanders and implants. As my yearly preventative care came around, I was then informed I am no longer eligible for preventative care. At that point, I had demanded an ultrasound and was not going to take no for an answer. The doctor that did the mastectomy did an ultrasound and found a 6 mm smooth round nodule (not a cyst). However, if it is not a cyst, then what is it? I’m not concerned with a cyst, I want to know what it is. The doctor said he will see me in 6 months. After his response, I decided to seek Healthcare somewhere else. I’m glad I did because the smooth round nodule (not a cyst had to be removed). Every year, I go to the doctor for my yearly check up and they feel my implants and tell me I am fine. I have a huge problem with this. The doctor cannot feel behind the implants. To tell me I that I am cancer free is a lie. A doctor can’t possibly know this without testing if you have implants. You hear EVERY DAY, “well she had breast cancer and was in remission but now she is dead”. She probably wasn’t in remission. She didn’t get tested until it was to late. Problem is you don’t feel cancer until it’s to late. How many times do you hear this story? A LOT. Maybe something needs to finally be done about it. I would rather have the Radiology in an MRI and find the cancer before it’s a problem, then to have an MRI to find out I am dying. People don’t have a mastectomy to die from breast cancer, we have it to save our lives. However, not being entitled to life saving tests yearly just like everyone else, is actually taking my rights away. If I have medical coverage, even if you don’t; you should still be entitled to the same testing everyone else is. Stress causes Cancer. You know what is stressful everyday? Wondering if you have cancer the past 4 years, but don’t know because you have no rights to testing like everyone else, because you cut your percentage down by having a mastectomy. Well obviously not if everyday we are hearing this same thing “she had cancer, was in remission, but we caught it to late this time”. Ask yourself; if you, your mother, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter fought breast cancer and had a mastectomy, would you be upset if they weren’t allowed the medical care they deserve and pay for? Would you be upset if they could have found it sooner, but didn’t so now they will suffer in pain till they die? What about the loved ones watching them die a slow death everyday from cancer but they didn’t have to, because a test would have found it earlier. Also every breast center needs to have a psychologist and psychiatrist on staff. Mental health providers have long waiting lists or do not accept your medical coverage. Everyone who is having a surgery that deforms you, you cannot mentally prepare yourself to take your bandage off. Transgenders can’t have their reassignment surgery without seeking mental therapy and having approval. Why are cancer patients held to less standards and this is actually emergency surgery to save your life. Something urgently needs to be done for cancer survivors preventative care. Physical leads to mental and mental leads to physical. So how does one heal if you cannot care for both issues? I ask you to make this issue your utmost priority and think of how children can actually have their parent or a spouse can have their spouse or a parent can have their child for many more years. You can fix this and make this happen.
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  • ما مردم ایران دولت جمهوری اسلامی را به جنایت بر علیه مردم و حقوق بشر محکوم میکنیم
    Dear our country Iran is in a difficult historical period and the Iranian government is oppressing our people by killing all opponents and lovers of freedom. We Iranians are in turmoil, unable to prevent the Islamic Republic from carrying out the genocide of our people. We ask for help from the international community to prevent the Islamic Republic from carrying out this horrible genocide. We hereby file a complaint against the Islamic Republic with all international bodies, the Lahaye court, the European community, the international human rights organization, the United Nations American Congress against the Islamic Republic, which has no respect for the rights of men and women. We are an Iranian collective to defend our people, their rights to live and Freedom Madame Monsieur notre pays, l'Iran, est dans une période historique difficile et le gouvernement iranien opprime notre peuple en tuant tous les opposants et les amoureux de la liberté. Nous les Iraniens, nous sommes dans la tourmente, sans pouvoir empêcher la République Islamique a faire le génocide de notre peuple. Nous demandons de l'aide à la communauté international afin d'empecher la République Islamique de faire ce génocide horrible. Par la présente, nous portons plainte contre la République Islamique à toutes les instances internationales, tribunal de Lahaye, communauté européenne, l'organisation international des droits de l'Homme, les Nations Unies congrès américain contre la République Islamique qui n'a aucun respect pour le droit des hommes et des citoyennes. Nous sommes un collectif iranien pour défendre notre peuple, leurs droits à vivre et la Liberté
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  • Ulster Co. (NY) Requires an FBI Agent Be Immediately Assigned to a Satellite Office Here
    Ulster County is the second fastest growing county in New York State. Local law enforcement, burdened as it is by unprecedented organic growth in the local population, needs Federal support. Gov. Hochul's Task Force mandate speaks directly to that dire need. In our hearts, we want to believe the unthinkable can never happen here in progressive Ulster. In our heads, we all know it can. The FBI must name a point person in Ulster Co. who is visibly and operationally responsible for working with local law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of its 182,000+ residents.
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  • Florida: End the Abortion Ban
    When addressing the issue we must approach the higher ups. Starting by sending out petitions to the governor and the representatives of the state. we must emphasize how unconstitutional and corrupt the current abortion laws are. We must show Mr. DeSantis how mush people actually care and are willingly to fight for their rights.
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  • Demand Parliamentary investigation into Higgins’ rape
    This petition isn’t just about Brittany. It’s about all Australian women and the fundamental right to be safe in any workplace, at all times. When it happens in our own Parliament, then every detail must be micro examined to get the full story. Please sign and share this petition widely, to demand justice and transparency!
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    Created by Geoff Murphy
  • Promoting a Violence-free Society for Women & Girls with Disabilities
    This is important as it will ensure inclusion in all spheres and promote a violence-free society for women and girls with disabilities in Zimbabwe
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    Created by Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe WCoZ
  • ICCSC 2022 Shura Elections in December 2022
    The current Shura which was elected 2nd time in 2019 and before in 2016 has miserably failed to deliver on many grounds and the HEAD IMAM is causing a HUGE DIVIDE among the community . The current Shura failed in many grounds more prominently including 1. Maintainance of the existing facility, 2. Select a youth Director for our adult kids, 3. Community events to bring the community closer, 4. Rights of women to participate in Shura elections, 5. Immediate dismissal of HEAD IMAM 6. Removal of Vice President ICCSC 7. Removal of Secretary -ICCSC Ensuring those people who have been part of the Shura for ICCSC for many years are removed and not allowed again after serving 2 consecutive terms in the Shura
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    Created by Hina Suleman
    It’s unfair, she worked hard and she’s being disqualified due to her social media
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  • Iran's universities are under siege and you can help!
    Wounded and more atrocious than ever, today, the regime opened fire on students at the campus of the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. As a fellow student at x, I’m urgently concerned for the lives of my friends and colleagues who are currently trapped on campus by the regime’s armed forces. Iranian students are being shot while peacefully protesting for their fundamental human rights. These students are unarmed with no internet access and no communication links outside of the school and the armed forces are currently raiding their dormitories and homes. Iranian citizens and the students’ families have gathered in the area to help stop further arrests and killings of these students. We come to you with 2 requests: Amplify their voices. Please help us create awareness through all media outlets to end the live attack on the students of the Sharif University of Technology. Save their future: admission support. In the months ahead, Sharif students amongst other Iranian students will lose their rights to study and work in Iran. As we learned during previous protests, Iran's regime will not stop at violent treatment, imprisonment, and killing of students. Higher education students charged with religious or political convictions will be barred from studying and working in Iran's academic space indefinitely. We believe it is possible to change this narrative with your support. We request an urgent admission support program for students of targeted Iranian universities. Below are the links to the media outlets that have covered the story: https://iranintl.com/en/202210029006 https://iranwire.com/en/politics/108208-shotguns-and-tear-gas-at-the-siege-of-sharif-university/… https://reuters.com/world/middle-east/iran-lawmakers-chant-thank-you-police-amid-growing-public-fury-over-womans-death-2022-10-02/… Sincerely yours
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