• Stop Using Our School for Political Gain
    The law prohibits our schools to be used for political purposes for the sake of protecting not only the students, but also the teachers, staff and community as a whole. It is a clear violation of the law for Mr. Moran to have continually used his classroom to promote his political races and agendas. His videos posted from our classroom promoting political causes are all over his facebook page and wrongly give the impression that our school supports his political views and activities. You can click on our Campaign Facebook page at the very bottom of this petition to see just one of the many videos he has posted from our school on his many political Facebook accounts.
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    Created by Ashley Mason
  • Say NO to Leeton Shire Council 52% rate hike Say YES to better budget management
    Can you afford more in living expenses? Do you want to take time away from your loved ones to foot the bill of mismanagement? Use your voice and sign this petition to SAY NO I DO NOT CONSENT to a rate rise of 52%... Simply sign and share this with as little as 10 friends to make your voice heard!!!!!
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    Created by A A
  • MP Andrew Gile: Speed Up the Immigration Process for Iranians
    There has been a series of protests against the government of Iran since the 16th September 2022, following the death of a 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini. The uprising by the people of Iran is against the mandatory hijab that has been enforced on Iranian women since the 1979 Islamic revolution. The same enforcement gave birth to the death of Mahsa, who sustained a fatal head injury inflicted by the Guidance Patrol (The Islamic "morality police") after being accused of violating Iran's mandatory hijab law. Crowds have gathered across the country, protesting for justice and the removal of the mandatory hijab. If history is anything to go by, there will be no justice and brutality against the opposition will continue. We ask the Australian government to support the people of Iran as they've done for Ukrainians and Afghans, especially by speeding up the application process for any outstanding visas to the Iranian people.
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    Created by Free Iran
    Os brasileiros estão vivendo um momento difícil. Forças retrógradas empurram um país promissor e formado por um povo valente e dócil para o caos. Nós somos livres e essa liberdade custou muitas vidas ao longo da história. Neste momento essa liberdade e a democracia estão em xeque com o risco de perdermos os esforços que nos trouxeram até aqui. O resultado da eleição para presidente fará diferença para o futuro de insegurança proposto pelo avanço da extrema direita representada pelo atual governo. Sabemos que não só no Brasil, mas no mundo, as forças do fascismo pairam sobre a liberdade dos povos. Racismo, misoginia, antiambientalismo, homofobia, ataques às religiões de matriz africana são exemplos de comportamentos criminosos ou antidemocráticos que poderão se acirrar e impedir o desenvolvimento desta nação ainda promissora, mas na iminência de perder sua liberdade. Ameaças à democracia se juntam às piores práticas de exploração do meio ambiente que agravam o desequilíbrio climático, somando forças com a extinção de órgão reguladores e enfraquecimento da legislação ambiental no Brasil. Apesar de décadas de avanço na conquista de uma legislação robusta de proteção do meio ambiente, biodiversidade, povos originários, o que vemos agora é o retrocesso provocado por aqueles que hoje, em nome de um movimento depredatório, procrastinam a ocupação e exploração de territórios ocupados por florestas, rios, indígenas, quilombolas e ribeirinhos. O Brasil está em perigo. A Amazônia está ameaçada. O Pantanal está ameaçado. O Cerrado está ameaçado. A fauna está ameaçada. A mineração e o garimpo são monstros selvagens manipulados por mercados de commodities exploratórias que poluem, degradam e matam. O agronegócio predatório avança sobre territórios imemoriáveis. O fogo torna carvão a floresta. A miséria já consome milhões de brasileiros. Faltam remédios, falta comida, falta saúde, falta respeito ao povo brasileiro. O Brasil está em frangalhos, em mãos suspeitas e gananciosas de políticos corruptos que desconsideram o direito fundamental dos brasileiros a um meio ambiente equilibrado. É momento de destruir as armadilhas que nos prepararam e para isso conclamamos todos os ambientalistas brasileiros ou não, para que no 30 de outubro de 2022 votem com a sabedoria do amor. Conscientes do esforço empreendido nas duras lutas ambientais travadas pela sociedade, com a Constituição de 1988, para a construção de um Brasil exemplo ambiental para o mundo.
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    Created by Telma Monteiro
  • Save the Ark Aid Street Mission & First Baptist Church
    All of this because of one anonymous complaint. For those who may not belong to a faith community but are concerned about what they see on our streets, on Richmond Row, in our downtown core right now, we implore you to show your support. We will have a catastrophe this winter if churches are not allowed to partner with the Ark or other service providers to welcome people in out of the cold, to assemble, to be fed, to use a washroom, to get showered. We will fight this. We are calling on people of London; people of faith, people of good will, people of no faith, people who care about the plight of the unhoused across the city to join us in this fight. We cannot address the serious crises we are in in the city with homelessness if we do not work together.
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    Created by Kevin George
  • Malta: Erect a statue to honour HM the Queen
    It is important because this woman gave so much to the world and I think it is our time to show respect and pay her back by honouring her in the form of a statue.
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    Created by Jerome Farrugia
  • Promoting Transparency and Accountability
    1. sale of stand 8300 to the lowest bidder where the highest bidder offered more than twice in value- funds which could have been channelled to the development of the city but instead the sale benefited a few. Land suddenly and mysteriously depreciates in value in Vic Falls. That piece of land was once valued at 14mln. How will we finance the WASH project? Why are cllrs fighting? How did they benefit from the sale? What will we find if we call for a review of the sale? Did the auditor really make the presentation to sale? Who is now doing oversight? 2. TC vehicle Loan of US$89 000 paid in US$ is to be paid back at 25% discount at the interbank rate (we all know what that means). Additionally the same vehicle bought using council funds becomes personal property entitling the TC to claim mileage on it meaning that at the end council will repay the loan and more. The TC has a contractual office vehicle which should have been bought as a priority over the personal vehicle loan. Where is the signed loan agreement? Did the TC get a loan without signing a loan agreement/ offer. 3. Woodroad stands were advertised for sale in US$ and this is the standing position with the exception of stand 1811 and stand 1768 which was paid/deposited for in RTGS to the value of ZW$11 million by a known businessman, when everyone else is expected to pay US$25K deposit. Who is the owner? Why are they receiving special treatment? How big is their land? Was it really part of woodroad stands or specially created? Where are the resolutions to this stand and allocation letter? These are the questions council should give answers to. 4. Lease of Council brewery for 15 years without proper procedures and council resolution. The lease of the brewery without council resolution and following proper procedures indicates to disregard of people’s voices. Let us all open our eyes and see the rot happening right in front of us. 4. Mayoral Vehicle As residents we need to demand answers and hold those we put in offices to account. The resources are not theirs to squander but ours to protect for the benefit of everyone and future generations. At this rate nothing will remain of our beautiful city, together we can protect it.
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    Created by Trymore Ndolo
  • The community members in our society demands action immediately
    It is unacceptable for anyone in our society to have their due process stolen from them. How can any imagine sitting in prison for a crime they did not commit. Time to take action join this great cause by signing this petition today.
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    Created by Herminia Adame
    Trinidad and Tobago’s DEMOCRACY is supported by a Constitution, which establishes in chapter one eleven (11) rights for the protection of every citizen. The PRINCIPLE of one man, one vote has and continues to be supported by the citizens. However, EXECUTIVE DECISIONS for the country’s day-to-day operations are placed in the hands of the Prime Minister who has the ultimate power and whenever a simple Parliamentary majority vote is required for passing legislation as outlined in the 1976 Constitution, even, if that decision is to the detriment of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, the Prime Minister has the final say. A new law supporting referendum ensures that whenever any citizen or civic group becomes concerned or questions that National or Parliamentary policy or decision that impacts the citizen's well-being a national petition can be launched and once this petition is supported by 20% of the registered voters and independently AUDITED those results will be presented to the 41 members of parliament as a Verified Petition. The verified petition presented by the citizens or civic group to the elected MP’s will be laid in the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago as a BILL for debate by both houses.
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    Created by Robert Amar
  • Investigate K9 country club
    I placed my 6 month old German shepherd puppy into a board and train program for protection training at k9country club. I placed a 53 lb furry bundle of a healthy pup into a program which was suppose to last 3 to 4 weeks max but ended up lasting 6 weeks, 3 of these weeks were spent trying to get her home. Besides not allowing access to my dog the first month, they demanded payment before I could even lay eyes on her. What happened in the 6 weeks she was there I can only imagine was spent in constant fear and hunger, and pain from non treated infections contracted at the facility during her stay. She came home with wounds on her neck and nose from what I imagine was misuse of negative reinforcement such as a prong collar or a shock collar. The owner refuses to give me a complete set of vet records as of Aug 28, 2022. She left this facility on July 25, 2022. Instead the owner has gone after me with a cease and desist order instead of contacting me to give explanations or to answer any questions I have. His constant use of threats to silence witnesses and keep his ex employees from revealing the truth about working there and what they saw or heard should be looked into. No inspections have been recorded since his opening over 6 yrs ago. I am so angry and disappointed with the lack if care given to my puppy. I'm not the only horror story to come out of there, google yelp, fb, they are filled with horror stories coming out of k9 country club.
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    Created by aja watson owens
  • Leyton Parks Need Dedicated Dog Areas!
    Leyton is a growing neighbourhood with a large dog population. Since the pandemic, there's been a spike in pets ownership (3.2M according to BBC) in the UK, and it was no different in Leyton. However, one of the key issues of the area is the complete absence of parks where dogs are allowed to get in or freely exercise. Owners are faced with a false choice between getting £80 fines or not walking their dogs in parks at all. One park specifically, Abbotts Park, has spontaneously become a destination for dozens of pet owners to exercise their dogs. Everyday, dozens of dogs and members of the community meet every morning for a healthy and much needed socialisation. As this map shows (https://thelondog.com/discovering-london-dog-exercise-areas/), there is no local park with dog dedicated areas in Leyton, and all the few existing local parks even prohibit their entrance. There's virtually no legal space to walk or freely exercise the thousands of dogs that live in the neighbourhood. With little to no choice, residents often risk and are subjected to fines for using local parks for their daily walks with their pets. This issue tends to massively increase seeing the numerous new developments Waltham Forest approved to be built in the neighbourhood. AFTER SIGNING THIS PETITION, MAKE SURE TO SEND AN EMAIL DIRECTLY TO DECISION MAKERS!! FOLLOW THIS LINK AND SHARE WIDELY: https://actions.sumofus.org/a/leyton-parks-need-dedicated-dog-areas
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    Created by Flora Arduini