• Save the Ark Aid Street Mission & First Baptist Church
    All of this because of one anonymous complaint. For those who may not belong to a faith community but are concerned about what they see on our streets, on Richmond Row, in our downtown core right now, we implore you to show your support. We will have a catastrophe this winter if churches are not allowed to partner with the Ark or other service providers to welcome people in out of the cold, to assemble, to be fed, to use a washroom, to get showered. We will fight this. We are calling on people of London; people of faith, people of good will, people of no faith, people who care about the plight of the unhoused across the city to join us in this fight. We cannot address the serious crises we are in in the city with homelessness if we do not work together.
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    Created by Kevin George
  • Save Parkside Farm Shop Broom
    We provide a service to the community, we take on students from collages we also employ others. We support other small producers to ensure we keep others like ourselves going.
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    Created by Charlene Jellis
  • I Pledge to Stand for Peace
    Against this background Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe is conducting this peace pledge which will promote women's participation in peace processes and encourage different groups of people to commit to promoting peace in communities and at all levels in Zimbabwe
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    Created by Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe WCoZ
  • 🇲🇾 Save our Amma Kuil Temple
    Our Hindu treasure and beloved place of worship has been in Golconda Estate Kapar for almost 100 years. But Top Glove Corporation who own the land just told the community they want to remove it. We can't let that happen. Please sign and share this petition to stop the demolition of our temple!
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    Created by Mizta Vinz
  • Save Coolum Shoplifters
    These volunteers have been raising money to help support individuals and families in need for many years. They have been loyally supported by the local community and have provided entertainment to people in Tickle Park, twice weekly between 7.30am and 9am. As many of the smaller causes, people in need, go unsupported the Shoplifters have been a vital link in filling this gap.
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    Created by Jennie Barnett
  • More bike trails in Medicine Lodge Ski Hill, Bentley, Alberta
    Our vision is to create a summer destination for mountain biking on Medicine Lodge Ski Hill, just minutes west of Bentley, Alberta. This free trail network will accommodate riders from all skill levels - it would also be a public place to meet with friends, take workshops and classes, and to enjoy the outdoors with the ones you love, all while riding your bike. The mountain bike trails will be accessed via a pedal-up trail that has an overall smoother and easier gradient to climb, that shouldn’t take the average rider more than 20 minutes to bike up. At this point in time, we are not planning on having any lift access or shuttle services on the hill. Our aim is to make this a free public space that offers beginner to novice trails for the whole family, and some more expert trails for experienced riders.Much like skiers need snow and a hill in the winter, we need terrain in the summer (or winter - if you fat bike). Currently in Central Alberta, we are limited with respect to any kind of trail expansion possibilities. Some of our local members have approached Canyon Ski Hill in the past, but with their newest projects in place, they aren’t receptive to a public network of trails at this time. Currently Red Deer has around 30 km of single track trails and some of those aren’t even sanctioned yet due to bureaucracy with the city and the land owners. The average rider can ride up to 30 km in just one day - and will go out more than 2 times a week to stay active. All this to say, we have run out of pavement.. I mean dirt. Yes, we could drive down to Calgary every weekend - it’s only a tank and a half of gas (or $200!) but thats not the point. The point is whenever a mountain biker leaves his/her home base to chase trails, they end up spending their hard earned dollars in someone else’s community. Which in turn, makes that community thrive and not our own. Mountain Bikers are much like skiers. They like to spend money on the finer things - the best gear, high end bikes, amazing beer, food and coffee! So why not spend those hard earned bucks in our own backyard.
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    Created by Red Deer's Realtor
  • Keep our kids safe and hold those responsible accountable
    We NEED to KEEP our KIDS SAFE! If kids feel safe and are safe they're going to excel in ALL their school work and activities!
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    Created by William Fidler
  • 🇿🇦 Stop dumping sewage in Vaal Dam!
    Raw sewage is polluting one of the most important water sources in South Africa, as a result of failing sewerage systems in neighbouring municipalities. This problem affects everyone who drinks water supplied from the Vaal Dam, as well as Bloemhof Dam and along the Vaal and Orange river system, as well as our precious ecosystem. Please sign and share this petition, to create a wave of outrage and help stop the sewage dumping in our drinking water!
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    Created by Herman Vanwyk
  • Promoting Transparency and Accountability
    1. sale of stand 8300 to the lowest bidder where the highest bidder offered more than twice in value- funds which could have been channelled to the development of the city but instead the sale benefited a few. Land suddenly and mysteriously depreciates in value in Vic Falls. That piece of land was once valued at 14mln. How will we finance the WASH project? Why are cllrs fighting? How did they benefit from the sale? What will we find if we call for a review of the sale? Did the auditor really make the presentation to sale? Who is now doing oversight? 2. TC vehicle Loan of US$89 000 paid in US$ is to be paid back at 25% discount at the interbank rate (we all know what that means). Additionally the same vehicle bought using council funds becomes personal property entitling the TC to claim mileage on it meaning that at the end council will repay the loan and more. The TC has a contractual office vehicle which should have been bought as a priority over the personal vehicle loan. Where is the signed loan agreement? Did the TC get a loan without signing a loan agreement/ offer. 3. Woodroad stands were advertised for sale in US$ and this is the standing position with the exception of stand 1811 and stand 1768 which was paid/deposited for in RTGS to the value of ZW$11 million by a known businessman, when everyone else is expected to pay US$25K deposit. Who is the owner? Why are they receiving special treatment? How big is their land? Was it really part of woodroad stands or specially created? Where are the resolutions to this stand and allocation letter? These are the questions council should give answers to. 4. Lease of Council brewery for 15 years without proper procedures and council resolution. The lease of the brewery without council resolution and following proper procedures indicates to disregard of people’s voices. Let us all open our eyes and see the rot happening right in front of us. 4. Mayoral Vehicle As residents we need to demand answers and hold those we put in offices to account. The resources are not theirs to squander but ours to protect for the benefit of everyone and future generations. At this rate nothing will remain of our beautiful city, together we can protect it.
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    Created by Trymore Ndolo
  • Upgrade the Lithgow Avenue/Patterson Road intersection
    There have been multiple accidents and many near misses at this intersection mostly due to speeding motorists who do not slow down and give way. It will only be a matter of time before a fatality occurs and this will impact the whole Beveridge community.
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    Created by Steve Pritchard
  • The community members in our society demands action immediately
    It is unacceptable for anyone in our society to have their due process stolen from them. How can any imagine sitting in prison for a crime they did not commit. Time to take action join this great cause by signing this petition today.
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    Created by Herminia Adame
  • Make The Greeny Safe & Secure
    With over 200 individuals , adults and children involved on Gurnos BGC FC we are looking to make the greeny field as safe and secure as possible . The football club has grown so much over the years and the football club has been a pillar of the community with so many players joining. It's a community club that emphasises the impact of enjoyment , team work and to give so many people the opportunity to be involved in a family friendly community club. Without making the ground safe and secure the risks are massive and potential accidents are going to occur. We as a club are looking for the support to make the field safe and secure at all times.
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    Created by Jamie Minett