• More bike trails in Medicine Lodge Ski Hill, Bentley, Alberta
    Our vision is to create a summer destination for mountain biking on Medicine Lodge Ski Hill, just minutes west of Bentley, Alberta. This free trail network will accommodate riders from all skill levels - it would also be a public place to meet with friends, take workshops and classes, and to enjoy the outdoors with the ones you love, all while riding your bike. The mountain bike trails will be accessed via a pedal-up trail that has an overall smoother and easier gradient to climb, that shouldn’t take the average rider more than 20 minutes to bike up. At this point in time, we are not planning on having any lift access or shuttle services on the hill. Our aim is to make this a free public space that offers beginner to novice trails for the whole family, and some more expert trails for experienced riders.Much like skiers need snow and a hill in the winter, we need terrain in the summer (or winter - if you fat bike). Currently in Central Alberta, we are limited with respect to any kind of trail expansion possibilities. Some of our local members have approached Canyon Ski Hill in the past, but with their newest projects in place, they aren’t receptive to a public network of trails at this time. Currently Red Deer has around 30 km of single track trails and some of those aren’t even sanctioned yet due to bureaucracy with the city and the land owners. The average rider can ride up to 30 km in just one day - and will go out more than 2 times a week to stay active. All this to say, we have run out of pavement.. I mean dirt. Yes, we could drive down to Calgary every weekend - it’s only a tank and a half of gas (or $200!) but thats not the point. The point is whenever a mountain biker leaves his/her home base to chase trails, they end up spending their hard earned dollars in someone else’s community. Which in turn, makes that community thrive and not our own. Mountain Bikers are much like skiers. They like to spend money on the finer things - the best gear, high end bikes, amazing beer, food and coffee! So why not spend those hard earned bucks in our own backyard.
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    Created by Red Deer's Realtor
  • 🇿🇦 Stop dumping sewage in Vaal Dam!
    Raw sewage is polluting one of the most important water sources in South Africa, as a result of failing sewerage systems in neighbouring municipalities. This problem affects everyone who drinks water supplied from the Vaal Dam, as well as Bloemhof Dam and along the Vaal and Orange river system, as well as our precious ecosystem. Please sign and share this petition, to create a wave of outrage and help stop the sewage dumping in our drinking water!
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    Created by Herman Vanwyk
  • Upgrade the Lithgow Avenue/Patterson Road intersection
    There have been multiple accidents and many near misses at this intersection mostly due to speeding motorists who do not slow down and give way. It will only be a matter of time before a fatality occurs and this will impact the whole Beveridge community.
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    Created by Steve Pritchard
  • Make The Greeny Safe & Secure
    With over 200 individuals , adults and children involved on Gurnos BGC FC we are looking to make the greeny field as safe and secure as possible . The football club has grown so much over the years and the football club has been a pillar of the community with so many players joining. It's a community club that emphasises the impact of enjoyment , team work and to give so many people the opportunity to be involved in a family friendly community club. Without making the ground safe and secure the risks are massive and potential accidents are going to occur. We as a club are looking for the support to make the field safe and secure at all times.
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    Created by Jamie Minett
  • Investigate K9 country club
    I placed my 6 month old German shepherd puppy into a board and train program for protection training at k9country club. I placed a 53 lb furry bundle of a healthy pup into a program which was suppose to last 3 to 4 weeks max but ended up lasting 6 weeks, 3 of these weeks were spent trying to get her home. Besides not allowing access to my dog the first month, they demanded payment before I could even lay eyes on her. What happened in the 6 weeks she was there I can only imagine was spent in constant fear and hunger, and pain from non treated infections contracted at the facility during her stay. She came home with wounds on her neck and nose from what I imagine was misuse of negative reinforcement such as a prong collar or a shock collar. The owner refuses to give me a complete set of vet records as of Aug 28, 2022. She left this facility on July 25, 2022. Instead the owner has gone after me with a cease and desist order instead of contacting me to give explanations or to answer any questions I have. His constant use of threats to silence witnesses and keep his ex employees from revealing the truth about working there and what they saw or heard should be looked into. No inspections have been recorded since his opening over 6 yrs ago. I am so angry and disappointed with the lack if care given to my puppy. I'm not the only horror story to come out of there, google yelp, fb, they are filled with horror stories coming out of k9 country club.
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    Created by aja watson owens
  • Stop Clearcutting, Slash Burns and Pesticide Sprays Near Drinking Water Sources on the Oregon Coast
    WHEREAS, there is a growing water shortage, especially in the summers, caused by climate change, increased demand and accelerated forest clearcutting; WHEREAS, water quality has declined, and in some areas, can require an unsafe amount of chemical additives and treatments to meet minimum Oregon Health Authority standards; WHEREAS, buffer zones are inadequate to address the fact that the air we breathe and the water we drink are compromised by slash burning and pesticide spraying; WHEREAS, government agencies have failed to adequately protect community watersheds and air quality, even in the face of unprecedented climate change and industrial forest clearcutting; ACCORDINGLY, Petitioners want accountability for the above, want no more logging operations and no more pesticide use in drinking watersheds across all land ownership in the North Oregon Coast, and want an end to pesticide applications near where people live and recreate. FURTHERMORE, Petitioners seek independent health studies and unbiased analyses of the water people in the area drink and the air everyone breathes.
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    Created by North Coast Communities For Watershed Protection (NCCWP)
  • Help stop Rosamond high school dress code
    A dress code problem is very important because this is a small town and community and everyone should feel safe here safe to wear what they want without fear of repercussions
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    Created by Jane Doe
  • Leyton Parks Need Dedicated Dog Areas!
    Leyton is a growing neighbourhood with a large dog population. Since the pandemic, there's been a spike in pets ownership (3.2M according to BBC) in the UK, and it was no different in Leyton. However, one of the key issues of the area is the complete absence of parks where dogs are allowed to get in or freely exercise. Owners are faced with a false choice between getting £80 fines or not walking their dogs in parks at all. One park specifically, Abbotts Park, has spontaneously become a destination for dozens of pet owners to exercise their dogs. Everyday, dozens of dogs and members of the community meet every morning for a healthy and much needed socialisation. As this map shows (https://thelondog.com/discovering-london-dog-exercise-areas/), there is no local park with dog dedicated areas in Leyton, and all the few existing local parks even prohibit their entrance. There's virtually no legal space to walk or freely exercise the thousands of dogs that live in the neighbourhood. With little to no choice, residents often risk and are subjected to fines for using local parks for their daily walks with their pets. This issue tends to massively increase seeing the numerous new developments Waltham Forest approved to be built in the neighbourhood. AFTER SIGNING THIS PETITION, MAKE SURE TO SEND AN EMAIL DIRECTLY TO DECISION MAKERS!! FOLLOW THIS LINK AND SHARE WIDELY: https://actions.sumofus.org/a/leyton-parks-need-dedicated-dog-areas
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    Created by Flora Arduini
  • PETITION Development Requests from Neighbors surrounding Kamehamenui Forest Reserve
    Kekaulike Avenue is central to our community. In order to go most anywhere, we drive along the Avenue. We walk along the Kekaulike Avenue side of the Forest Reserve for exercise. The crater is a part of our life experience and a great reason why many of us have chosen to make our homes here. Thank you for recognizing its preciousness and place in our ecosystem and thank you for taking great care to include us, who live our daily lives here, as an essential part of the management plan, integral to a balanced equation.
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    Created by Leilani Magee Bettendorf Picture
  • No Hell's Pizza in Huapai village carpark
    Hell's Pizza suddenly relocated to a site in the Huapai Village carpark on 9 May 2022. They moved in with a huge military looking truck, a shipping container, concrete-filled steel drums onto a public carpark site, chopping branches off heritage trees, parking on the grass, with gas bottles perched precariously and rubbish stored around the truck. No one in the community had forewarning - except the landlord- despite the business blocking light and access to the $2 Shop, footpath, garden and Kumeu Arts sign. The installation takes up carparks, public and private access and disadvantages local shoppers and shop keepers. There are concerns about hygiene and community amenity. Hell's Pizza does not have consent for this activity which is outside its lease area and partly on public land. The Council has served notice on Hell's Pizza and they must apply for Resource Consent. We believe the public should have a say on this consent and to express our opposition, requesting the application be declined.
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    Created by Christine Rose
  • Fund Just and Equitable Transition for AZ Coal-Impacted Communities NOW
    Utilities have a corporate, moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that land and natural resources they have impacted are fully restored and must fulfill their corporate decommissioning and remediation commitments. A Just and Equitable Transition away from fossil fuels must include access to running water, telecommunications, and electricity infrastructure for impacted community members. Finally. The ACC should immediately approve any Just and Equitable Transition agreement brokered between utility owners and affected communities, including the agreement negotiated between the Navajo Nation and Arizona Public Service Company (APS). The Commission should also direct Tucson Electric Power (TEP) to immediately broker a commensurate agreement and file it for the Commission’s review and approval as part of the utility’s pending rate case. At a minimum, such agreements must include sizable financial support for impacted communities, supported by both the utility and its ratepayers.
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    Created by Empowered Transition
  • Do Not Take Sand From Pu'u Keka'a
    Life in & out of the water, now & far into the future, will be negatively impacted by this Project. The corporate hotels want short-term returns at the cost of long-term, irreversible environmental, cultural & community loss & damage.
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    Created by Kahana Canoe Club