• CCCJ: Exams should remain online for Semester 2 2022-2023
    The abrupt announcement to cancel online exams is affecting students both psychologically and financially because we are not mentally and physically prepared. Most J1 job opportunity starts on May 15th, and with exams ending May 26- June 2, 2023, most if not all students may not be able to obtain a summer job with the current exam schedule given this minimal time and short notice of this announcement. In addition, the evening school students will be at an advantage because their exams will be online, as opposed to the day school students. If this petition rules in the student's favor, then we will be more prepared for face-to-face exams in the upcoming academic year, 2023 to 2024. Add your name to the petition, and share it everywhere to demand that exams remain online!
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    Created by Ashli-Ann Graham
  • Pour la reprise de la formation des professeurs de philosophie
    Certains sont dans les classes depuis 2004. Ils ont accepté de servir l’éducation partout dans le Sénégal, parfois dans les zones les reculées du pays. Aujourd’hui, on refuse de les former.
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    Created by Bouya Mbaye
  • Vidyodaya School: Request for online examination
    Many of the students and their family are suffering from severe health issues as the effects of Brahmapuram smoke issue. The only solution is to stay out of the cause. Many of us wanted to go to our native places but couldn't due to exam schedules.
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    Created by jinumon k.m
    Bal mawon ki anndan kou pwofesè Sorel JASMIN an riske paralize 4 manm li yo si li pa fè yon operasyon prese prese. An n rele anmwey sekou pou kòlèg Sorel k ap soufri!
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    Created by Sendika REFERANS
  • RE: Petition against Mr. Isabirye Paul Mwogeza to be Appointed Headteacher KIIRA COLLEGE BUTIKI
    We request your office to appoint a substantive Head within 2 weeks on grounds that: 1. The office of Headteacher KIIRA COLLEGE BUTIKI demands Integrity as high standards have been set through previous Headteachers. 2. Isabirye Paul Mwogeza academic papers are doubtable 3. To avoid ambiguity and enable students settle on there academics
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    Created by Moses Rwabu Picture
  • #Unisa #Nsfas: Release Our Allowances
    Assignments due dates has been published and some has passed yet we haven't recieved our Allowances. How are we going to write assignments without prescribed books? Allowances are disbursed a week before exams, how are we supposed to study for exams? Monthly allowance is smaller than Srd R350 grants yet we are not all working, Qualifying students applications for funding are rejected
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    Created by Nokuphila Mkhize Picture
  • The need to construct A CACIA FEEDER road is urgent, Append your signature to have your voice heard
    We care about the construction of a road in this area because it directly impacts the health, safety, and well-being of the residents and users of the road. The excessive amount of dust generated by the unpaved road poses serious health risks, especially for vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly. It can cause respiratory complications and allergies, which can have long-lasting effects on people's health. Additionally, the current road conditions make it difficult for emergency vehicles to reach those in need and for residents to access essential services such as hospitals and schools. It also hinders transportation of goods and services, making it difficult for businesses to operate effectively in the area. By constructing a proper road, we can provide safer and more reliable transportation for everyone who uses this road. It will improve the quality of life for the residents and positively impact the economy by promoting business growth in the area. Overall, we care about the construction of this road because it is a fundamental right of every citizen to have access to basic amenities such as safe and reliable transportation. We believe that every individual deserves to live in a healthy, safe, and prosperous community, and constructing a proper road will help achieve this goal.
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    Created by shafi mshindi
  • Request for an Increased sentence for Killer Driver, Arron Carter.
    I think its well and truly disgusting that a man can kill a young child and not spend the rest of his life in jail. We ask his sentance to be increased for the safety of the life's of other innocent pedestrians on the streets. If he gets out after 4 years, what is stopping him from getting into a vehicle again and doing the same? Your hands will be covered in blood if you allow this to happen. Same as ours, We must act now to keep this man in jail for as long as possible.
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    Created by Cory Pearson Picture
  • Resolve Issues with the UNCG caf
    People have been getting sick from the food at the UNCG caf. I know more people that would rather go into debt than eat in the terrible conditions. Hotdogs sitting in water for hours, undercooked chicken, and cold wet sandwiches. There are some meals that the students like and I think everyone would be happier if there were there all the time!
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    Created by Arts Ok
  • Move PCHS Graduation to Cool Today Park and Raise Ticket #
    Our senior graduation is the most important time of our lives. We want to be willing to share it with our loved ones and friends. Class of 2023 deserves something like this. Covid, Masks, Hurricanes hit us real hard and We want to have something that will forever make us remember highschool. Seniors of 2023 want to share this experience with everyone and not just behind a screen or in a crowded center. We can make this happen. We are willing to step up to make our graduation memorable for not only us but for the school. If this falls through correctly it would mean everything for us and quite frankly we do deserve it.
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    Created by Senior23 SN
  • "National Nursing and Midwifery Commission (NNMC) Bill" Implementation
    The major objectives of the commission as per the proposed National Nursing and Midwifery Commission Bill, 2022 are to provide for regulation and maintenance of standards of education and services by nursing and midwifery professionals, assessment of institutions, maintenance of a Central Register and State Registers and creation of a system to improve access, research and development and adoption of latest scientific advancements. The bill has also proposed standardizing the nomenclature and scope of work of different nursing and midwifery cadres according to the International Standard, Classification of Occupations. They are nursing and midwifery service managers, nursing professionals, midwifery professionals, nurse associates, midwifery associates and nursing care assistants.
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    Created by The Nursing Teachers Association India NTAI
  • Delhi Uni: Postpone 1st year's exam
    •Huge injustice is happening to freshers of DU in name of FYUP. In comparison to earlier time students have to study three more papers but the semester has shrunk to the period of three months than earlier six months. • Syllabus has not completed for most of the subjects, teachers for many subjects were appointed very late and for many subjects in many colleges teachers have still not been appointed. • In such circumstances DU came up with new Internal Assessment Scheme just before three weeks of exams which has further confused students.
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    Created by Hitesh Kumar