• Sign “yes” for events indoors/outdoors at the Old House in Hog Hollow
    For so long we have been isolated, we want to bring back that feeling of togetherness, be that place, to have somewhere to go. We want to give back to the community and host events that the community can participate in. We want to host your event. Help create those memories for you and your loved ones. Celebrate your special occasions and make an everlasting moment for you and those around you. We want to strive to know the needs of the community and participate where we are called. Host events for local firefighters, non-profit organization, and things we believe in. Help raise money to those in need. While doing it together. Let us be that place.
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  • Power outage in Elwak, Petition against KPLC
    Having a stable power is our right and not a privilege. We can't live with constant power outages. We are starting this petition to get over 2k people to sign and share the result with the headquarters and human right for action. Please sign and share as much as possible. After getting the target number we will request KPLC to add Elwak to its national grid to which, if they refuse we shall peacefully do away with KPLC and invite other electricity companies, the past and present leaders are and have never tried to bring a solution thus its high time we as clients to take the matter into our hands and do something.
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    Created by Kullow Ibrahim
  • Preventative Care for Breast Cancer Survivors who had Mastectomies
    Let me introduce myself. My name is Elissa Brown and I am a 52 year old breast cancer survivor single mother of two disabled children. When I was in my teenage years I had already made one of the biggest life saving decisions of my life. I had made the decision that when I am diagnosed with breast cancer, I was going to have a bilateral mastectomy. Until then I was going to be very diligent on my preventative care to find the cancer early. It was just going to be a matter of time for this to happen. My two paternal aunts passed away from breast cancer (1 misdiagnosed for not having it). My mother and her sister had breast cancer as well however, both survivors. We all had the genetic testing, but none of us carry the gene, yet all were diagnosed . So at the age of 46 I was diagnosed and had my bilateral mastectomy, expanders and implants. As my yearly preventative care came around, I was then informed I am no longer eligible for preventative care. At that point, I had demanded an ultrasound and was not going to take no for an answer. The doctor that did the mastectomy did an ultrasound and found a 6 mm smooth round nodule (not a cyst). However, if it is not a cyst, then what is it? I’m not concerned with a cyst, I want to know what it is. The doctor said he will see me in 6 months. After his response, I decided to seek Healthcare somewhere else. I’m glad I did because the smooth round nodule (not a cyst had to be removed). Every year, I go to the doctor for my yearly check up and they feel my implants and tell me I am fine. I have a huge problem with this. The doctor cannot feel behind the implants. To tell me I that I am cancer free is a lie. A doctor can’t possibly know this without testing if you have implants. You hear EVERY DAY, “well she had breast cancer and was in remission but now she is dead”. She probably wasn’t in remission. She didn’t get tested until it was to late. Problem is you don’t feel cancer until it’s to late. How many times do you hear this story? A LOT. Maybe something needs to finally be done about it. I would rather have the Radiology in an MRI and find the cancer before it’s a problem, then to have an MRI to find out I am dying. People don’t have a mastectomy to die from breast cancer, we have it to save our lives. However, not being entitled to life saving tests yearly just like everyone else, is actually taking my rights away. If I have medical coverage, even if you don’t; you should still be entitled to the same testing everyone else is. Stress causes Cancer. You know what is stressful everyday? Wondering if you have cancer the past 4 years, but don’t know because you have no rights to testing like everyone else, because you cut your percentage down by having a mastectomy. Well obviously not if everyday we are hearing this same thing “she had cancer, was in remission, but we caught it to late this time”. Ask yourself; if you, your mother, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter fought breast cancer and had a mastectomy, would you be upset if they weren’t allowed the medical care they deserve and pay for? Would you be upset if they could have found it sooner, but didn’t so now they will suffer in pain till they die? What about the loved ones watching them die a slow death everyday from cancer but they didn’t have to, because a test would have found it earlier. Also every breast center needs to have a psychologist and psychiatrist on staff. Mental health providers have long waiting lists or do not accept your medical coverage. Everyone who is having a surgery that deforms you, you cannot mentally prepare yourself to take your bandage off. Transgenders can’t have their reassignment surgery without seeking mental therapy and having approval. Why are cancer patients held to less standards and this is actually emergency surgery to save your life. Something urgently needs to be done for cancer survivors preventative care. Physical leads to mental and mental leads to physical. So how does one heal if you cannot care for both issues? I ask you to make this issue your utmost priority and think of how children can actually have their parent or a spouse can have their spouse or a parent can have their child for many more years. You can fix this and make this happen.
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    As members of Edinburgh’s faith communities we are deeply concerned about the ‘Cost of Living Crisis.’ Thousands of households are in serious financial difficulty caused by spiralling food and energy costs. Many are facing a choice between eating, or heating their homes. Others are falling behind on rent and mortgage payments, with some facing eviction and homelessness. It goes without saying that such anxieties negatively impact people’s mental and physical health. Currently society, both locally and globally, has become grossly unbalanced with the majority of wealth in the hands of one percent of the population. This is as unjust as it is unsustainable. It is also unjust that food banks and warm banks are becoming normalised. In accord with the sentiments of Scotland’s national bard Robert Burns, we believe that “We should measure our society on how we treat our fellow human beings.” Therefore we call upon our local and national leaders to act now and restore the balance by passing radical legislation and implementing the laws needed to protect the most vulnerable in our society. That way lies a future economy that is intelligent, sustainable and equitable to all. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAT WORDS.
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  • Ulster Co. (NY) Requires an FBI Agent Be Immediately Assigned to a Satellite Office Here
    Ulster County is the second fastest growing county in New York State. Local law enforcement, burdened as it is by unprecedented organic growth in the local population, needs Federal support. Gov. Hochul's Task Force mandate speaks directly to that dire need. In our hearts, we want to believe the unthinkable can never happen here in progressive Ulster. In our heads, we all know it can. The FBI must name a point person in Ulster Co. who is visibly and operationally responsible for working with local law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of its 182,000+ residents.
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  • Texas: Put a price cap on rented accommodation
    I'm a caregiver, and Minister. I work mainly with families, and I have assisted a few families with children who are currently living in hotels. More are being force out everyday. I was born and raised in Texas. Never thought I would witness such heartbreaking situation. A change needs to take place. Please sign the petition, and share far and wide, to demand a cap of the skyrocketing rental prices.
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  • Demand better work and management from First Port property Management
    With the current state of our economic climate, we cannot stand for companies overcharging or for not doing the work they are charging for. We need to come together and call them out to make a change happen.
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  • Disavow newly proposed PAYE TAX changes and guarantee freedoms to live
    The current salary scheme has already given 60 - 70% loan and credit card facilities. In most of the cases, the rest of 30 - 35% have Utility bill(s), food, fuel, medicine, school/Uni payments, etc… where NO savings at all. So, this is a really unfair decision. Consumer price inflation - 69.8% Food costs which hit a new record level of 94.9% CPI in Colombo increased by 3.8%, up from a 2.5% rise in August https://www.cbsl.gov.lk/en/measures-of-consumer-price-inflation If the government implements this new tax proposal without considering the public concerns, millions of people and their kids will be kicked to the roads. So....we have to stop this new PAYE TAX proposal.
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  • Say NO to Leeton Shire Council 52% rate hike Say YES to better budget management
    Can you afford more in living expenses? Do you want to take time away from your loved ones to foot the bill of mismanagement? Use your voice and sign this petition to SAY NO I DO NOT CONSENT to a rate rise of 52%... Simply sign and share this with as little as 10 friends to make your voice heard!!!!!
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  • Keep Bob Marley's Beach public, for all Jamaican people
    Our beloved Bob Marley beach and its local rastafari community are in danger. If the plans to build a new hotel on the beach go through, fisherfolk and prominent Rastafari family members who have lived in the community for more than 50 years will be displaced! Formerly known as Thomas Beach, it was the place where Bob, Peter and Bunny communed with a longstanding Rastafarian community and has been a refuge of the poor, soon to be locked away by private interests who may have flaunted the law and processes in pursuit of their profit. It is unfortunate and cruel if this were to be allowed to happen in secret and with apparent government complicity. Other islands, like Barbados, have passed laws that guarantee open access to all of their beaches for their citizens rich or poor. This is certainly an insult to the spirit and character of Bob Marley for whom the beach was named on his passing, and would see his Rastafarian family thrown into the street. Let’s come together from across Jamaica and the world, to demand that the Bob Marley beach stays public, and all beaches in the country are guaranteed free public access for all Jamaican people and friends. Sign and share the petition with everyone you know!
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  • End oppressive Mandatory dress code and exile murderous government in IRAN #MahsaAmini
    Thousands of innocent lives have been massacred for simply speaking and having an opinion. In what has been called "an act of violence unprecedented in Iranian history" the Iranian government summarily, extrajudicially, and secretly executed thousands of political prisoners held in Iranian jails in the summer of 1988. Values of tolerance, equality and respect can help reduce friction within society. Putting human rights ideas into practice can helps us create the kind of society we want to live in. In recent decades, there has been a tremendous growth in how we think about and apply human rights ideas. This has had many positive results - knowledge about human rights can empower individuals and offer solutions for specific problems. Human rights are an important part of how people interact with others at all levels in society - in the family, the community, schools, the workplace, in politics and in international relations. It is vital therefore that people everywhere should strive to understand what human rights are. When people better understand human rights, it is easier for them to promote justice and the well-being of society. A person's human rights cannot be taken away. In its final Article, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that no State, group or person '[has] any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein'. Over the past 10 days, the Iranian regime has responded to demonstrations with deadly force, censored unfavourable media narratives, prosecuted those who spread ‘rumours’ about the protests, and hindered people’s access to vital information online. Blocking social media platforms and disrupting internet and mobile service during times of social unrest is a classic authoritarian tactic. In its desperate bid to retain power, this undemocratic regime clearly has no compunction about denying its citizens their fundamental liberties and their very lives. “We condemn, in the strongest terms, the Iranian regime’s escalating repression of its people, and we call on other governments to stand with these courageous protesters and hold Iranian officials to account for their abuses. If the cause of democracy and human rights is to prevail in Iran, democratic countries and organizations around the world must support Iranians in their quest for freedom from a tyrannical theocracy. Instead of meeting the needs of its own people, the Iranian regime has chosen to spend enormous amounts of its money and resources to support the Assad regime [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] as well as its militant proxies around the world, and to pursue the development of weapons of mass destruction,” Sherman added. Instead of investing in its people, Iran continues to restrain their vast potential through censorship, oppression and severe limitations on their social, political and even academic freedom. Defending human rights activists has been called "one of the riskiest jobs in Iran",[180] and harassment and imprisonment of human rights lawyers is an effective way of intimidating dissidents. As of June 2020, nine human rights attorneys have been arrested in Iran since 2018, and at least five of them are still in prison, according to the Center for Human Rights in Iran.[181] As of 2018, several prominent human rights lawyers were imprisoned. Attorney Mohammad Najafi faced "national-security charges—and potentially years in prison"—for publicly accusing the IRI government of "covered up the true cause of the jailhouse death of his client, a young protester involved in the recent economic demonstrations, according to the Center for Human Rights in Iran. Abdolfattah Soltani, who won the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award, in 2009, served time in prion in 2005 and 2009 and was sentenced to 18-year prison sentence in 2012 "for talking to the press about his clients’ cases and co-founding the Defenders of Human Rights Centre.
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    Trinidad and Tobago’s DEMOCRACY is supported by a Constitution, which establishes in chapter one eleven (11) rights for the protection of every citizen. The PRINCIPLE of one man, one vote has and continues to be supported by the citizens. However, EXECUTIVE DECISIONS for the country’s day-to-day operations are placed in the hands of the Prime Minister who has the ultimate power and whenever a simple Parliamentary majority vote is required for passing legislation as outlined in the 1976 Constitution, even, if that decision is to the detriment of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, the Prime Minister has the final say. A new law supporting referendum ensures that whenever any citizen or civic group becomes concerned or questions that National or Parliamentary policy or decision that impacts the citizen's well-being a national petition can be launched and once this petition is supported by 20% of the registered voters and independently AUDITED those results will be presented to the 41 members of parliament as a Verified Petition. The verified petition presented by the citizens or civic group to the elected MP’s will be laid in the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago as a BILL for debate by both houses.
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