• Against Proposed Rotary Park Hiking Trails Non-Motorized Pathway
    Rotary Park is considered a "Nature Reserve". By definition a "Nature Reserve" is a tract of land managed so as to preserve its flora, fauna, and physical features. People come to walk through the woods to enjoy nature, escape the city, walk their dogs, take photos, hike with family and friends, explore, etc. It is Livonia's GEM. People don't come here to walk on gravel. They want to walk through the leaves in the Fall, the muck in the Spring with their nice rain-boots on to see the Robins and the wildflowers blooming. Those small moments make up the human experience, and they aren't so small once you think about it. Livonia Parks and Rec. should focus on what the actual problems are before trying to add more. Once you ruin something, you can never take it back. It is ruined forever. Next Parks and Recreation Commission meeting is March 1st 2023, at 7:00pm at the Community Center Conference Room at the Kirksey Recreation Center.
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    Created by Emilija Vilkaite
  • Malaysia: Ban the "Trap and Kill" method for stray animals
    This method is inhumane and barbaric. We should be neutering stray dogs and cats instead of killing them! We are supposed to be kind to animals and teaching our children to learn the same. Other than that, the good image of a country can be seen from the way it's people treating animals.
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    Created by Joel Chok
  • Justice pour snatch
    Bonjour , Nous créons cette pétition afin que justice soit faite , en effet le chien de ma sœur a été tué d’une balle dans la tête et il est mort sur le coup. Il explique son geste en disant qu’il en avait marre de voir des chiens vers chez lui alors que ma sœur été en vacances depuis seulement 2 mois sur un terrain voisin et il n’y avait jamais eu de problèmes, il a dit ne pas vouloir le tuer mais a mal visé, que le chien n’a pas été agressif il été soit disant chez lui alors que le chien est mort sur le coup devant chez ma sœur qui été retourner chez elle à 50 m récupérer ça veste … une avocate nous dit qu’il n’y aura pas de procès car le chien été chez lui ( c’est faux ) et qu’il avait mal visé … nous aimerions pouvoir rendre juste à snatch , le chien de ma sœur et que ma sœur puisse aussi faire son deuil de ce chien qui pour elle représenter tout … s’il vous plaît , faites que l’on puisse avoir un procès équitable afin que la justice puisse être rendu
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    Created by Julie Dherbilly
  • Cyprus: Allow the neutering of stray cats
    Thousands of stray cats are born and die on the streets of Cypriot towns and villages. Sign the petition, and share it with everyone you know to demand from the Cypriot Government to allow overseas vets to come and help neuter these poor animals, and end this torture.
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    Created by Nicol Kastori
  • طلب مقابلة بخصوص مصفاة منجم الفسفاط بئر العاتر
    الإنتشار الرهيب لداء السرطان المميت في جميع الفئات العمرية بالإضافة إلى الأمراض الرئوية وحتى لا ننسى أيضا مدى تأثير غبار الفسفاط المنتشر في سماء القرى والارياف المجاورة على الصحة العمومية وكذلك الصحة الحيوانية
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    Created by Bouzina hamid
  • Stop animal abuse in NEWARK OHIO
    Pet Supplies Plus on 21st St. in Newark Ohio is refusing vet care to multiple animals and has even killed a few over the past year this week I went into rescue an obviously il lizard that one of the employees had told me he had not eaten in over three weeks and had not been taken to a vet and they could not get into a vet. I offered to buy him and take him straight to my vet and they refused the sale and put him in the back to wither away. There was also an occasion this year where they sold a guinea pig who had such a bad ear infection the new owner had to take him to the vet and spend hundreds of dollars because he couldn’t stand up it was so bad. The manager also refused a hamster medical attention when its organs started to fall out of its body. The employees are not trained and one of the employees accidentally overmedicated a hamster for wettail and it shut down his organs and he started to physically lose them out of his butt and the manager‘s response was let it die here we’re not euthanizing it. This abuse needs to stop animals deserve medical attention just as much as we do. Please help me in getting management changed in the store so that somebody who cares about these animals can come in and do right by them.
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    Created by Katelynn Gossett
  • Stop the Euthanize of Animals Especially Pitbulls in South Africa
    This is important as us owners of pitbulls are against the Euthanize of the pitbulls. And this needs to be stopped. There must be another solution to problems. Every problem has a solution. God created animals and let no man or woman take an animals life
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    Created by Lauren Mills
  • Wildlife Care and Alert Signs on Phillip Island
    Phillip Island is a unique and special place.
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    Created by Mary Harnan
  • EMAAR: Save the The Greens community Dog Park
    This is important to maintain the happy environment of the Greens community
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    Created by Nikita Ganin
  • Save the ducklings in Kincumber!
    If signs, speed limits and speed bumps aren't put in place, then the ducklings making it to adulthood will continue to go down. This will affect the food chain in a negative way. Ducks primarily eat insects, snails, slugs and worms. The Ducklings main predators are snakes. If the number of ducks get too low due to speeding cars, the number of insects, snails, slugs and worms will get out of control and part of the snakes' diet will vanish, thus creating a hole in the food chain. Don't think that signing this petition is below you. It is normal for people to feel sentimental. These days people are less likely to show their emotions and feelings for things which they think are below them. This includes most animals. This causes people to not bother to help a helpless duckling on the road. This leads to hit and runs. I care about the ducklings not only because I believe that everyone and everything deserves a chance in life, but because I know that nothing is more important than showing some compassion and respect to other creatures.
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    Created by Finn Boulton
  • Prosecute Orangevale Cat Killer
    We must set an example that Pet Owners will not tolerate Animal Abuse
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    Created by Cindy rowbottom
  • Free Toki the orca after 52 years in captivity!
    Since 1970, Toki has lived in a pool at the Miami Seaquarium — the smallest orca enclosure on the continent — where she has performed for crowds until her retirement earlier this year. Now there's a chance Toki could finally go home: join us and other activists calling on the Miami Seaquarium to release Toki back to the Pacific Northwest where she was born and where her mother, now in her 90s, still leads a pod of southern resident orcas.
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    Created by David Norton